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How do I use the oral HIV home test kit?

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This is a test to determine the presence of HIV antibodies in Human oral fluid.

This is a screening test only and all positive results must be followed up with an alternate test and counseling. Certain medical conditions may impact on the accuracy of the test, and should be queried with your physician.


Individually packed test cards,oral fluid sampler, extraction tube containing 1ml buffer solution, plastic dropper, a desiccant (only for storage purposes and not used in the test procedure) and a package inser


1. All positive results must be confirmed with by alternate method

2. Treat all specimens as potentially infectious; protective gloves should be worn when handling specimens

3. Icteric, lipemic, hemolysed, heat treated and contaminated blood may cause erroneous results

4. Don't eat, drink or smoke in the area where the specimen is handled

5. Do not use kit materials beyond the expiry date

6. Do not interchange reagents from different kits

7. Do not re-use the test strip or any single use accessories


For full details of this product please refer to the package insert. This is a simplified guide to using the test kit.

1. The test kit must be at room temperature.

2. Gently gargle your mouth with lukewarm water which has been boiled.

3. Remove an oral fluid sampler from the sealed package by tearing the notch (Do not touch the white side (sampling side)

4. Gently wipe along the upper and lower gums from one corner of the mouth slowly to the other corner. Repeat this action.(5-6 seconds).

5. Turn the oral sampler over.

6. Wipe the lower gum line from one side to the other side. Repeat this action. (5-6 seconds).

7. Insert the oral fluid sampler into the extraction tube

8. Hold the green handle of the oral fluid sampler and immerse the white sampling side into the buffer (liquid).

9. Scratch up and down 6-8 times against the inside of the extraction tube.

10. Remove the testing device from the foil pouch and place it on a level surface.

11. Holding the sample dropper vertically, add 4 drops of the prepared specimen

12. Wait for 15 minutes and read the results. Do not read the results after 30 minutes.


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From January 2015 we cannot use the SA Post Office because too many parcels get lost. Unfortunately we had far too many complaints and this is just not a feasible option.

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