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How to use an HIV Test Kit

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HIV test kits are quick and easy to use. Within 10 minutes you will have your HIV test result.

Please note that due to varying supply, some kits may vary slightly from the photos below. The photos below are taken from the stock that we usually sell. ALL test kits are sold with detailed instructions in English for that particular kit.

First open the packet,

Inside the HIV test kit you will find the following items

alcohol prep lancet micro pipette cassette diluent bottle
Alcohol Prep Pad
Sample Diluent

How to test for HIV

watch the video on how to use an HIV test kit here or follow the step by step instructions below. For a video on how to use the HIV test kit in Tswana click here, for Zulu click here.

1. Bring all components to room temperature. Clean finger with alcohol swab


2. Remove cap from the safety lancet.


3. Place white end of lancet against finger.


4. Press the lancet firmly against finger until a click is heard


5. Draw up blood into plastic pipette


6. Deliver one drop of blood into the well marked S


7. Add 2 drops of the sample diluent into the well marked D


8. Wait for 15 minutes to interpret the results


Points to remember:

  • Use the HIV test kit once only
  • Dispose of all items properly after use
  • Use the test within 10 minutes of opening
  • Do not use an HIV test kit after its expiry date

How to read HIV test results

Now that you have done the test, wait 10 minutes and read the results as below.

HIV Negative result

HIV Negative result

HIV Positive result

HIV Positive result

No result

If you are HIV positive, then you need counseling.