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Progress in HIV testing and treatment

Rather than spend days agonising over what the possible results of an HIV test are going to be, as was the case up until a few years ago, it is now possible to do the test and have the result almost instantly. In fact being able to do these tests in the privacy of your own home has made it possible to get treatment and counselling sooner and has allowed those infected to be able to

The Home Test

Testing for HIV in the privacy of your own home is the perfect example of the in roads that have been made into HIV and Aids research. Testing yourself for the virus that causes HIV/Aids is a daunting task but by making these tests available more power is put into the hands of people who would otherwise not be aware of their status and it will also empower and encourage lifestyle changes.

The Positive impact of early HIV detection

The early detection of HIV allows for proper care and treatment plans to be put in place, thus prolonging and improving the quality of life for the individual. Early detection also helps to prevent the further spread of the disease through ignorance. Knowing your HIV status and that of your partner will allow you to make informed, responsible decisions.

Treatment of HIV has reached such a level that lives can continue after diagnosis and come to a natural conclusion rather than be cut short by an epidemic nobody understands. Each and every test and lifestyle adjustment will help to stamp out a disease which has had a negative impact on individuals and society for too long a time.

HIV in the news and HIV developments

With actor Charlie Sheen disclosing his HIV status on public tv one can safely say that HIV/Aids, although much less of a taboo, is still rife and not picky about who it infects. This said the treatment advances are of such a nature that they are not specific to an individual but rather to the nature of the infection.

On an almost daily basis there is a news insert that concerns HIV and Aids, from number of infections to headway made in detection methods and progress on the treatment front.

An article in SHAPE magazine has introduced the development of a new generation of condoms. These condoms are specially treated with an anti-viral substance which will render up to 99% of STD virus and bacteria including HIV harmless.

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This is an article which emerged in 2014 referring to the possibility of home test kits for HIV becoming available in South Africa. Since then these HIV Home Test kits have become available for order online.

There have been arguments to both sides as to whether home testing is the correct route to follow. The anonymity of a home test allows the individual to keep the results to themselves and do the testing in absolute privacy, thus encouraging more individuals to do the test. It is advocated and encouraged by the sellers of these tests that purchasers educate themselves on HIV/Aids and also attend counselling. Furthermore a visit to the doctor is highly recommended should the test result be positive.

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The risk of contracting an HIV infection in addition to a failing organ is very high, and HIV being present in most body fluids will put those awaiting an organ at a disadvantage. However new rules regarding organ donation in the United States have allowed for nearly 500 more potential life saving donors to be added to the list, the recipients however will be HIV positive patients

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This page was updated on 8 December 2015