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HIV in the workplace

The impact of HIV and Aids on the workplace can be quite significant if the HIV positive employees are unaware of their status. The number of individuals staying off work will increase as will the amount of time spent away from work due to illness.

Discrimination of any sort against an HIV positive individual is prohibited in the work place. Informing your employer of your HIV status should not affect your development within your company. But it is a good idea to inform your employer of your situation and gain their support, rather than keep the information entirely to yourself and be labeled as an unreliable employee. Usually when people are aware of the reason behind something they are more open to supporting than they are to judging.

You are under no obligation to reveal your HIV status to anybody and neither is anybody with whom you have shared the facts of your situation allowed to divulge what you discuused with them in confidence.

The Positive impact of HIV management in the workplace

  • Because of the ban on discrimination HIV positive employees should in principle be treated in the same manner as their colleagues.
  • Being aware of a health issue allows employers to be prepared for any related eventuality.
  • Adjusting shifts and working hours to accommodate the employee can be planned.
  • Reduced stress for the patient knowing there is a support structure at work will help towards better health

Knowing your HIV status will put you in the management seat when it comes to your health. Knowing your status will enable you to make informed decisions regarding your nutrition, your care and medication. Test yourself, or start an initiative at your place of employment to encourage knowing ones HIV status.

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