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Test yourself for HIV

Laws regarding self testing for HIV and the sales of home test kits differ around the world. Because of the nature of HIV/Aids it has been thought best by many governments across the globe to have HIV testing and counseling centralised. In mid 2013 it was announced that a rapid result test kit would be introduced in South Africa, however it is only available at medical facilities. This test kit is of a similar design to the home/self test kits which are available online.

Initially it took almost two weeks to get a result as the testing methods were new and highly specialised. However, with the advent of better technology and understanding of the disease it became possible to get a result in 2 days, and nowadays with a home test kit all you need is 15minutes and you will have the result.

Previously counseling was given before testing and once the result was returned, even if it was negative this was to encourage safer behaviour and teach ways of avoiding an HIV infection. One of the biggest fears of allowing people to test themselves for HIV is that the test goes unsupervised and uncounselled.

Counseling is important before and after testing even if you test negative for HIV. Counselling is in part to help the patient deal with the trauma if tested positive and also to educate and give guidance on behaviour modification. The National AIDS HELPLINE 0800 012 322 is open to answer any questions and also to assist with counseling before and after you do the HIV test, and it is strongly recommended that some form of counseling is sought before you make use of the self test kit.


HIV Test kits are now available to you as an individual. You can order your HIV Test Kit online or by calling the number at the top of the screen